Friday, April 23, 2010

Anixous Much?

I'm having doubts. Can I really do this? Can she really do this? Will I be able to stay on top of things and organized enough to actually make a dent in my child's educational needs?

I look around and see women that are so much more organized than I am, so much more patient than I am, so much smarter than I am, and they don't homeschool their kids. What if I'm constantly losing things and running around trying to find things and completely missing the boat on "teaching time"? Will she learn anything from me?

I know all these questions will eventually solve themselves, but sitting here, on this precipice of a life changing endeavor, all I really have are questions. I can only hope that one day she'll surprise me with a bit of knowledge that I never realized she had picked up on. Or that she will take a keen interest in a subject without me prompting her, and she'll learn things I would have never thought to teach.

I know she's smart and capable. Now if only I could keep that same confidence in myself!

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  1. We're not more patient, just to worn out to react: )